Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


At this time of every year, when the summer knocks at our door, we meet at the beautiful courtyard of the historic Wroclaw City Arsenal to share the charm of chamber music. For our Festival, this beautiful venue is really special. It is here where the enchanting open air site is filled with the music performed by an exquisite set of musicians. Musicians whom you know and value, or musicians whom you do not know yet but unarguably should.


This year there are 5 exceptional concerts ahead of us, and we will be able to enjoy performances by both the hosts of the event – the Wratislavia Chamber Orchestra directed by Jan Stanienda – and as well by numerous guest stars of the Festival. Amongst the guests of the Arsenal Nights you will be able to meet the highly regarded Polish actor Piotr Machalica, the guitarist Krzysztof Pełech very well known to the Wrocław audience, and the German pianist Hinrich Alpers. And it will be a real thrill to welcome at our Festival for the 1st time Danjulo Ishizaka, the sensational cellist of German-Japanese origin.

Danjulo Ishizaka is a true musical personality. He accomplished many musical successes, to name a few he won the ARD Musical Competition in Munich in 2001, and two years before that he triumphed in the Witold Lutosławski International Cello Competition in Warsaw. So it is our genuine joy to introduce to you this outstanding artist, who will perform together with the pianist Hinrich Alpers some beautiful pieces by Beethoven, Grieg and… Chopin (on 8th July).


Our opening concert is something that cannot pass unnoticed. Under the heading “My beloved Młynarski”, the brilliant Polish actor Piotr Machalica accompanied by an ensemble of musicians will perform his interpretations of recently deceased Wojciech Młynarski. There is no need for introduction of such famous songs as “Jeszcze w zielone gramy”, “Nie ma jak u mamy”, “Bynajmniej”, “Moje ulubione drzewo” or “Najpiękniejszy list miłosny”. Piotr Machalica will bring to them his own unique timbre.


Krzysztof Pełech, for years considered as one of the best Polish guitarist, will perform on 5th July together with the Wratislavia Chamber Orchestra. We will listen to his interpretation of one of Vivaldi’s concertos, and also to the piece “Jeromita Linares” by Argentinian composer Carlos Guastavino. The 3rd of the festival nights will belong to a viola. Viola player Piotr Reichert with ensamble of Wratislavia musicians will play several creations for viola, such as for instance Johannes Brahms’es Clarinet Quintet Op. 115 (rewritten for viola). An the hero of the final concert of the Festival (9th July) will be one of your favourite composers Antonio Vivaldi. Some of his beautiful pieces will be played, including the legendary Four Seasons.


Looking forward to meet you at Arsenal Nights!!