Dear Guests,


For almost 20 years, when June slowly turns into July, we have been inviting you to the charmed courtyard of the Arsenal in Wroclaw, during the Chamber Music Festival Arsenal Nights. It is here, in the surrounds of ancient walls and in the company of singing birds, where we can witness together the beauty of chamber music, and experience music making so full of interaction, rivalry, intimacy and joy.


This year we have the pleasure of inviting you to the 19th edition of the Festival, which will again bring to us many magnificent Nights filled with music of the highest quality. We will not be short of brightest stars familiar with world’s greatest stages: for the Festival’s grande finale the soprano Olga Pasichnyk has chosen two concert arias by Mozart; and the Royal String Quartet will perform a very tasty programme laid out in a beautiful form of a fugue. Probably the most beautiful piano quintet by the composer Juliusz Zarębski will be played to us by the Chopin Piano Quintet, who have been having some spectacular successes in international competitions of chamber music in Italy and Lithuania. And a magical feeling of the special Night devoted to film music will be spread by the oboist Kama Grott accompanied by a band of excellent jazzmen.


On Sunday 28th June we will have an opportunity to listen to two talented young musicians: accordionist Paweł Janas, and saxophonist Wojciech Psiuk. We will experience their exquisite artistry in their interpretation of Bach Concerto for Violin and Oboe. And this year’s Festival will give you a chance as well to listen to the musicians of the Orchestra Wratislavia playing concertos by Antonio Vivaldi.


And please let us do not forget about the exceptional Night of Sunday, 5 July. Joined forces of the mime comedian Ireneusz Krosny, and the renown MozART Group will put to test the ancient walls against a cannonade of laughter. Is the old Arsenal the right place for the explosion of humour? Let’s find out by watching this hilarious duel!


We all know such pieces of Mozart as the Requiem, Jupiter Symphony, the serenade Eine kleine Nachtmusik, the opera Marriage of Figaro and many other his mature works. But what symphony could have been written by a nine years old? What ideas could have been born in the mind of a sixteen years old? Our closing Night will bring answers to these questions: the Wratislavia Orchestra conducted by Jan Stanienda will perform 4 early symphonies by the ingenious Wolfie. This concert will also give us a wonderful chance to hear two most beautiful arias of the same composer, sang by Olga Pasichnyk, whose memorable voice enchants music lovers around the world.


And for the beginning? Funnily enough, we shall start with… encores! And Encore! is precisely the title of our opening concert, played by the hosts of the Festival, the Wratislavia Orchestra and the Festival’s Artistic Director Jan Stanienda. The Night will be filled with pieces which are frequently chosen by string ensembles to round up their performances – popular and loved by audiences sparkling gems of string music often played for the encores. Will you like a concert full of these? We certainly hope you will a lot!



May we invite you for these summer nights to our musical get-togethers in the Wroclaw Arsenal!!